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How does hypnotherapy work online?!

We've become a virtual world this year with the pandemic and the increasing need to stay at home. Covid has changed how we live, how we work and what we do. Never before has mental health and wellbeing been on the lips of so many people. We've all been affected by changes in lifestyle, isolation, increased stress and financial pressures.

So getting support has been hugely important. But like many other areas, therapists have had to re-think how they deliver that support. I've had a lot of questions from customers about receiving online support and what that looks like. So it seemed a good idea to write a blog post about this to answer some of these questions and to attempt to describe what it's like!

Hypnotherapy works very well online because it can help people feel safe in their own space

I'll firstly talk a little bit about hypnotherapy. It's a fascinating area that's growing in popularity, gaining a growing body of scientific evidence and can have a hugely positive impact upon a whole range of areas including reducing anxiety, depression, managing pain, dealing with phobias, addictions and achieving a range of life goals to name a few.

Hypnotherapy is not mind control. For anyone who has tried meditating, it is a bit like meditation with goals. The first half of the session consists of talking with me about the areas in life you would like to change (I use a highly recommended type of therapy called Solution Focused Therapy for this part of the session). The second half uses hypnosis to help you achieve a state of mind that supports you to make those changes. It helps you work with an optimum brain state. You are completely aware of what is going on. In fact, it feels a bit like a sleepy, daydreaming like state but one you can choose to end anytime you wish.

Hypnotherapy works very well online because you can experience it from the comfort of your sofa or bed. This can be really beneficial for people who are feeling anxious and can help people to feel safe in their own space. You just need to find a room where you won't be disturbed. I'd thoroughly recommend thinking of this as time-out for you, an investment in yourself. Make your space cozy and warm. Pyjamas optional!

For more information or to book a FREE initial consultation please contact me via my website at .

Sessions costs £50 and reduced rates are available for students/children/people in receipt of benefits. Also, it doesn't matter where you're from. Online hypnotherapy has no borders!

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